Translators stickers

Six translators stickers to decorate laptops, notebooks, diaries and much more. Handmade with ❤️ by me.

It all started in 2017

In 2017 I created the first sticker, the one that says Translators are cool.

I wanted to create something original to give to fellow translators during meetups (yes, in 2017 we could still meet face to face, remember?) or to the students of my online courses.

So I opened Photoshop and I created the first translators sticker. I love graphic design, even though I am an absolute beginner (I created my logo, the business card in the picture and also this website) so creating the sticker was so much fun!

Then in 2021...​

…I got a new laptop and I needed stickers to spice it up because I hate naked laptops!

So the stickers thing got a bit out of hand and I created 5 new stickers, all for translators. I used Canva this time (so much easier) and I had some copied printed, thinking I would use some myself and give the others to colleagues.

When I published some pictures on social networks the feedback was surprisingly good so I decided to sell them to a tiny price, just to cover my own printing and shipping costs.

Would like to buy the translators stickers?

I had them printed again at the end of 2021, so all designs are now available.

International shipping fees apply.

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